About Us


Planned, participatory, Shariah, compliant, high-tech efforts, to bring smile on the face of farthest and poorest Muslim families in India


“Collective efforts for poverty free self-reliant Ummah”

Uniqueness of “Zakat Center India”

1. Pan India presence with Technological Connectivity
2. Efficient in operations
3. Transparency in Transactions
4. Shariah Complaint in process
5. Proactive & productive approach

Aims and Objectives

1. To mobilize and manage Zakat and Ushr for the purposeful program for poor and needy as directed by Quran
2. To propagate and make people understand practice and realize the eternal religious and social benefits of Zakat, when resources flow from rich to poor
3. To grant and provide pension, ration, scholarship stipend, livelihood, medical Aid for the wellbeing of beneficiaries.
4. To open, find, establish, promote and run institutions for the benefit of Zakat Receivers only.
5. To organize research and academic activities for innovative methodology and strategies which may support the effective funding of Zakat program.