Why Zakat Center India

Why “ZAKAT CENTER INDIA” A Public Zakat Management System is needed in India?

India the home of around 250 million Muslims. The Indian Muslims has a proudful history of governance, Art and culture for a span of over 800 years, but today are forced to live in miserable situation. Justice Rajender Sachar Commission Report of 2006 as accepted in Parliament reveals the deprivation, discrimination and injustice being done to community in every walk of life, keeping them to stand at the lowest rung of National development.

The raise of hatemongers who are bent upon to damage the very fabric of Indian society and create a social unrest may affect the physical, cultural and spiritual existence of Ummah.

Today the Indian Muslims are confronting with more dangerous issue like of survival, identity, equality and dignified life. As per global Multidimensional PowderlyIndex (MPI) Report 2018, 33% Muslims, and 40% of Muslim children are multidimensionally poor.

Further this is a fact that the Indian Muslims are either urban or rural community or are not uniformly demographically distributed in the country.

In North and North East majority of Muslims are rural community and are distributed as under:

  1. 40% of Muslim population lives in U.P. Bihar, Delhi, Uttarakhand &Jharkhand          
  2. 22% of Muslim population lives in W.B. and Assam
  3. 16% of Muslim population lives in TS, AP, KS, TN, KRL
  4. 13% of Muslim population lives in M.S. Gujarat and Rajasthan
  5. 9% of Muslim population lives in rest of India

The above situation could not make Indian Muslims to give up, instead made them to get up to handle the situation. Experience teaches that the fate and future of the community does not change just with financial support, instead needs integrated action plan in community awareness, education, planning preparation, participation, approach and use of technology.

“ZAKAT CENTER INDIA” reflects the above approach. We are group of scholars, activists, strategists having pan India in future dedicated to make poverty free financially independent community.