Zakat Impact

See how your zakat is transforming lives

With the Barkah of Allah, the Zakat we collected last year impacted 6000 people.

The lives of these people changed not for 1 month but every month. The livelihood schemes are implemented at our unit level in 20 different cities. After shortlisting and filtering out any fake beneficiary applications, our volunteers conducted through verification by visiting and conducting background checks. Then based on the needs and abilities of the beneficiary the applications are approved. 

These beneficiaries start earning on a daily basis. Be it a simple cart or a full fledge shop. They not only stand on their legs but employ others in their businesses.


“Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” We focused more on productive schemes  where we helped poor families to become self-sufficient.

Overall Zakat funds distribution: 69.4% was used in livelihood projects. Remaining in Education Ration and Pension schemes. 


Our livelihood projects comprises different income generating activities from simple carts to cattle farming or full shop.

Zakat Center India doubling its impact

Join us today in building a self-reliant Ummah.

Complete List of Our Schemes


  1. Setting up Business (Shops, Carts, Self-employment)
  2. Farming of cattle
  3. Car and Autos
  4. Machines & Tools


  1. Training for Central and State services
  2. P. G. and Research Scholars
  3. Professional course
  4. U G and Diploma course
  5. Skill Development Course
  6. Hafiz and Alim course

Ration, Pension and Emergency’s schemes (old aged, deceased, unemployed persons), orphan, widows

  1. School bags
  2. Books and learning materials
  3. Winter Kits
  4. Food Packets to street population
  5. Support for bad debtors


  1. Safe drinking water
  2. Safe Delivery System
  3. Cataract eye operation
  4. Emergencies

Home Shelter

  1. Internally disable people
  2. Calamities affected people

Legal aid & Support

Complete your Ibadah and Play a part in uplifting the community