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We use your Zakat on Livelihoood & Educational projects for the needy.

We are Shariah Compliant, Transparent and Technology Driven. With presence in 20 cities across India.

Our Mission : Collective efforts for a poverty-free, self-reliant Ummah.

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Zakat Center India’s Mission is to put “Collective efforts for poverty-free self-reliant Ummah” We are Shariah Compliant, with pan India presence.

What we do with your Zakat?

We spend Zakat funds under those categories as prescribed in Quran. All our projects fulfil this requirement. Among the funds the majority is spent on Livelihood, Education and Ration/Food projects.

We focus more on productive schemes where we help poor families to become independent. 

zakat-infographic-livelihoodLivelihood Projects

Under Livelihood we help poor and needy to stand on their own feet. By setting up businesses, shops, carts, cattle farming, self-employment etc. After shortlisting and verifying beneficiaries by visiting them and doing background checks Zakat Center India, approves applications. Once approved the individuals start to earn on a daily basis and in most cases don’t require any further help or zakat. They become self-sufficient in few months.

“Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” 

Education Schemes

Second to our livelihood projects are Education schemes where we help poor and able students with scholarships, fees, mentoring, training etc.


Mawasat – Food Ration Pension Schemes

An important part of the society are widows, disabled, old women, orphans, etc. These beneficiaries require regular help in consumptive items like ration, food, pension, medicine etc. Zakat Center India provides them this help on a monthly basis.


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